Forest Schools

Get the class outside and join Cheshire Bushcraft in our fantastic Cheshire woodland. Our Forest School uses the woods and forest as a natural learning environment. Even a short walk usually ignites a child’s natural inquisitiveness with questions of “what’s this?” and “Why does that do that?” In our forest schools you can build on your class’s natural inquisitive attitude and culture a joy and appreciation of the world around them.

Sessions at Forest School are always child led to encourage curiosity, exploration, creativity and decision making skills. Through regular visits to a Forest School children are able to develop independence, improve language skills and raise their self-esteem through small achievable tasks in a woodland setting, with assistance from our engaging and expert Bushcraft team.

Our program is designed to let the youngster get up close to the woodland and all it has to offer. Our team of engaging Bushcraft experts show the children how to enjoy, learn and have fun with nature.

We explore the woodland, having fun as we find what creatures and wildlife live in and amongst the trees. We learn how to enjoy a safe woodland campfire, how to forage the woodland to see what our native woodland hides, the safe use of simple woodland tools, how to identify trees, fauna and fungi that live in the woodland.

A fantastic day in the fresh air getting close up to nature.

Max group size of 10

Price £15 per person

Duration 2 hours , session times:

10.00am – 12pm

2pm – 4pm

Min age of 7 years old, children must be accompanied by an adult (1 adult to accompany is free).