Family Bushcraft

Looking for an alternative family day out? Want to get the family away from it all? How about a Family Bushcraft experience? Our Family Bushcraft course is a fun-filled full day out for everyone. Get back to basics and appreciate all that nature has to offer. In our Family Bushcraft and survival experience your family will build their own shelter, light a fire without matches and learn about basic water purification.

The Family Bushcraft course covers

Fire Lighting: Learn the basic principles of lighting a fire, find kindling, feather sticks and identify the best natural materials for your fire. Then truly get back to basics and light your fire without the use of matches.

Shelter Building: Develop bonding in your whole family as you identify and collect the best materials to make your own shelter together. Can you make it weather proof? Will you all fit in it? With expert guidance you will all learn a lot and don’t forget the success of your shelter may be tested!

Water Purifying: Identify the safest water to use then learn how best to collect, filter and purify it.

Camp-fire Cooking: You have your shelter, a fire burning and the water on the boil. All that is left to do is cook lunch over your camp fire and enjoy the beauty and peace of the woods.

Minimum Age (accompanied by Adult) – 5

Times: Courses are run from Wednesday to Sunday starting at 10am on demand; please phone to book in advance and to check availability your Family Bushcraft day in the woods.

Family Bushcraft Course Price examples

Family of 4          £250

Adult and Child   £175

Extra Child          £75

Extra Adult          £50

Tailor the voucher to your family