Bush Craft

Bushcraft and woodland survival have been a part of our seminal businesses for some time and we offer a massive range of woodland activities suitable for groups of all ages and sizes.

Our core experiences include:

  • Forest Schools: School where the class room is outside and the forest becomes the children’s inspiring and natural learning environment. The sessions are always child-led to encourage their decision making, exploration, curiosity and creative skills. 


  • Woodland Adventures: Based around family, one-day or two-day courses these experiences give an excellent introduction to survival skills, shelter building, fire lighting, foraging, wilderness cooking and more. 


  • A Night in the Woods: Spend the night in the woods and get an even longer day of activities. We will show you how to build a shelter and you can relax around the fire as the sun sets. 


  • Ancient Craft Skills: We run a range of courses in ancient crafts. Learn how to make a coracle and launch it, select wood and carve a walking stick or make your own long bow. 

Just let us know what you are interested in and we will put the activity together for you. Don’t forget you can combine this with our other activities. How about making a long bow and testing it at our archery range?