Ride the machine that balances itself. Who will master control of their Segway first? Can you balance the sea-saw? Riding a Segway is a journey of trust and coordination.

Take to two wheels and get trained in Segway riding. Complete our obstacle course, try some challenges and take your Segway off-road into the woods. Will you have the balance needed to control your decent into the dell?

These two wheeled electric vehicles can do up to 12mph; what’s more, the X2 is also an off-road Segway. Controlled by the smallest body movements and able to climb steep hills taking them off road into the forest is a great and peaceful way to see nature and enjoy technology at the same time.

Your activity will start with a brief training session and orientation on our specially designed course, then you will take your Segway off-road and into our woods where the skills you have just learnt will be put to the test.

Once you have tested your trust in technology why not test your trust in nature and add a falconry activity to your day.

1 hour woodland Glide
£30 per person