Low Ropes

Low Ropes

The balance and agility needed to complete our low ropes course is not lessened by the fact it is closer to the ground. In fact, because it’s only a metre off the ground we can challenge your sense of balance and coordination to its limits.

Any assault course requires an excellent mixture of strength and agility, add to this a team element and find out how well you work and rely on each other’s abilities. Our course contains 15 elements which will test your strength, speed, timing, agility and problem solving. Add to this a team competition and who will come out on top? Can you make it to the end without falling off? Will your team break the record?

Coming in a group? Let us challenge your team skills further and see if you can not only get your team around the course without touching the ground, but also all your equipment; more rope, melons, a rubber dingy and maybe even a sack of potatoes!

Restrictions for participation

Age: 6* to 96
Height: 1 meter (3’ 3”)
*We want to encourage everyone to be as adventurous as they can be. If your child is at least 1 metre tall, has a head for heights, is quite agile and you think the course is right for them then they’re welcome to join us on the course.
Weight: 20 Stone max. (127kg)

What should I wear?

We suggest that you wear something you don’t mind getting grubby. Dress for the weather so bring along a mac if it’s raining! Please wear appropriate footwear with soles with good grips. No sandals or slip-off shoes. Some people recommend thin gloves. Long hair must be tied back.

What happens in bad weather?

Low ropes is an excellent wet weather activity! The course remains open in most weathers, except when it is icy, very windy, stormy or during lightning. Rain makes the course muddier than usual – which all adds to the fun! Don’t forget to dress for the weather.

Supervision Ratios

You will need to supervise younger participants (Under 14’s) at all times from the ground. We strongly advise a ratio of 1 to 1, at least on their first visit.