Multi Activity Session

Multi Activity Session £89 Cheshire Segway have teamed up with Cheshire Outdoors and Cheshire Falconry to provide the ultimate experiance day. Enjoy 3hrs of Falconry, Segway riding and both Archery and Air Rifles in one action packed day. This is an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Vouchers can only be used by […]

Team Building

Get your teams over the rapids challenge in a race against time. Build the towers of Hanoi. Do The Times sky scraper challenge. Get an egg over our obstacle course without actually touching the egg.

Forest Schools

Our forest schools activities are particularly designed to encourage groups of children to learn from the world of nature around them; to reach out into the flora and fauna with interest instead of fear and find a world of learning apart from the modern class room.

Football Darts

The name of the games says it all; football darts is darts with a football. Take one 22 foot dartboard, a set of Velcro footballs and some eager feet and you have football darts.

Crazy Golf

Looking for an outdoor activity that’s a little more relaxing for the end of the day? Try crazy golf. You don’t have to have a handicap of less than 25 or be the next Tiger Woods to do well on our greens.

Bungee Run

The bungee run will stretch any team. Attached to a length of industrial elastic and safely housed in an inflatable channel, your task is to get your Velcro strip as far from the starting point as possible.

Arrow Tag

Arrow tag is a team activity where two teams pit their archery skills with bow and arrow against each other. With a range of natural and provided obstacles to shelter behind and our special foam tipped arrows, the aim is to hit the other team members before you are hit!

Airsoft Combat

What is it like to be in a battle, armed with guns and hiding from the enemy? If you don’t want the danger of a real battle but want to experience the adrenaline then airsoft is for you. Our airsoft matches use replica weapons which use airsoft technology to fire plastic pellets. Two teams are pitted against each other in our 15 acre woodland and they have 1 hours to take out as many as possible from the opposing team.

Low Ropes

he balance and agility needed to complete our low ropes course is not lessened by the fact it is closer to the ground. In fact, because it’s only a metre off the ground we can challenge your sense of balance and coordination to its limits.

Human Table Football

If you thought football was a great team game where the result relies on good team work you have to try human table football. There is no choice but to work as a team, to communicate and to chase a common goal in a concerted manner.


Get face to face with a Harris hawk, a bird which has no qualms about attacking prey bigger than itself. Or hold an eagle and have it fly to your hand. Will your eye be quick enough to spot the peregrine falcon as it goes into a 200mph stoop? Whatever your age there is something for you in our falconry section.


Bushcraft and woodland survival have been a part of our seminal businesses for some time and we offer a massive range of woodland activities suitable for groups of all ages and sizes.

Bubble Football

If you have not seen a bubble football yet it is football played whilst wearing a large inflatable balls which can fit a person inside. These huge inflatable balls provide excellent protection against collision. As a result we can change the rules for a game of football! If you find tackling a challenge, prefer rugby to football or just like the idea of running around bashing into people, bubble football is for you!


Ride the machine that balances itself. Who will master control of their Segway first?

Air Rifle

All our air rifle experiences come with appropriate safety training and equipment. You will have the opportunity to challenge each other in target practice. Who will have the steadiest hand, the gentlest trigger action, the most accurate shot?


Fancy shooting your own handmade bow? Try longbow making as a bushcraft activity and then practice on our range!