2 Day Woodland Adventure

Our 2 Day Woodland Adventure contains all the elements of our 1 Day Woodland Adventure and builds on it by spending a night in the woods. We will train you in building a dry and weather proof night shelter where you will spend the night sleeping out under the woodland skies. Test your stamina, determination and grit against the elements having eaten a hearty supper cooked over your own camp fire.

Course includes

  • Introduction to the tools and equipment of Bushcraft, including the safe handling of Axes, Knives, and Saws.
  • The survival mind, learning how to think like a survivor.
  • Fire lighting using Friction and other methods.
  • Foraging and preparing foods.
  • Wilderness cooking.
  • Traps and Tracking.
  • Signalling and Navigation.

Please contact us for group bookings on any of these courses. They are run Wed to Sunday, start time 9am on Day One until 4pm on Day Two

Max group size of 10.

Cost £300 per person, min age of 10 Guests must provide own sleep bag, (or can be bought from Cheshire Bushcraft). All young people under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a fee paying responsible adult.